The Hunger Map Project, Khaana Chahiye Foundation (Ongoing)
Location: Pan-Mumbai
Description: The Covid-19 pandemic amplified inequalities in our public infrastructure. Khaana Chahiye’s field operations proved pivotal in reaching out to the most vulnerable communities in Mumbai. This project is designed as a policy intervention with the Brihan-Mumbai Municipal Corporation to come up with effective solutions addressing the issue of hunger in urban India.

Livelihoods Mission (Ongoing)
Partners: Noble Foundation
Location: Reay Road and Panjarpole, Chembur (Mumbai)
Description: The pandemic disproportionately affected women in terms of livelihoods. While many are on the frontlines as public health workers, they are managing this responsibility alongside domestic work. Sujata Sawant from Noble Foundation has been working in communities across Mumbai, helping women to establish their livelihoods. This project is adopting the Self-Help Group model implemented by BMC to mobilize women and train them in relevant courses ensuring their participation in the workforce.

Social Responsibility Group (Ongoing)
Partners: Hope Foundation and Sparsha Foundation
Location: Dharavi, Mumbai
Description: While the public infrastructure continues to grow, immediate healthcare awareness is the need of the hour. This initiative is a collaborative effort to aid underprivileged communities in the city with primary healthcare facilities. The funds generated through this project will be used for conducting basic tests for those cannot afford. Thyroid, Diabetes, Haemoglobin are some basic tests planned for the first phase. 

In collaboration with Alka Gadgil

In collaboration with Bhavya Gupta
Mode: Virtual 
Description: Chronicles of Chicken Tikka Masala is a speculative narrative inspired by food, cultures and immigration. It's a take on how food serves as a means of retaining cultural identity and breaking social barriers. The postcards were later fabricated as physical artifacts in the form of postcards. The interactive speculative narrative follows the story of a grandfather (lovingly called 'Dada'), who writes a series of postcards beginning in 1995 for his grandson, 'Jasmeet' living thousands of miles away in Southall. Each postcard is a building narrative of their family’s heritage, culture, and struggles bundled up in a dish called Chicken Tikka Masala.

Bedhadak: Analysing the Performative Politics of the Shiv Sena in Mumbai (Completed)
Description: Political Rhetoric was a significant aspect which contributed to the rise of prominent right-wing figures in the 20th century. This study analyzes the political performance of Shiv Sena, a nativist organization in Mumbai. It is an ethnographic study focusing on deconstructing the term “Bedhadak” (loosely translated as fearless) which has been interpreted in varied ways by those working for the organization. It reflects on the growth of the organization, its grassroots network and the tools used for generating an emotional response. 
The study was completed over 2 years, initially as a part of the Opportunities in Undergraduate Research 2018 (OUR) scheme at Shiv Nadar University and then as a part of the Bachelor’s of Arts (Research) program under the Department of Sociology. A part of the project was presented at the 18th International Conference on Diversity in Organizations, Communities and Nations held at the University of Texas at Austin on 6th June, 2018.


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